Smart Lock 103-3-CK




  • Battery life is up to 100,000 keystrokes.
  • 12-key physical keys, feel comfortable, password by 1-13 digits arbitrary combination, the number of keys up to ten million groups.
  • The user can set and change the password at will. The password will be saved automatically after power failure and will never be lost.
  • Ultra-thin polymer lithium battery powered, ultra-low power design, lock 20 times a day, battery life of 10 months,rechargeable, low power automatic prompt.
  • Enter the wrong password 3 times automatically alarm.
  • External emergency power supply USB interface to charge the internal battery.
  • Working environment temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C.
  • A variety of accessories are optional, providing users with more installation solutions, suitable for more usage environments, and meeting personalized customization needs.
  • Keystroke life up to 300,000 times (test standard: keystroke strength 2N).
  • Can choose left, right lock, working radius 90° or 180°.
  • Equipped with emergency mechanical keys, realize multi-level clustering management of passwords.